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Corey and Katherine Waldon

Corey and Katherine are a husband and wife team. ​

Katherine, Chief Programmatic Officer at Five Horizons Health Services, believes that we have the responsibility to educate, motivate and activate the full potential that lies within every young person so that they ultimately become successful young adults. Katherine has a Bachelors in Political Science and English. A Masters in Public Administration, and a Class B Teaching Certification in Secondary ELA.​


Corey, Physical Education Teacher at The Alberta School of Performing Arts and owner/operator of Waldon Media, instills in his students and players that the decisions you make today are shaping the future you will live tomorrow. Corey has a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and is currently pursuing his Masters in Instructional Leadership.

 Corey and Katherine have a 29 week miracle baby Kylar Faith. 


God gave Corey a vision and Katherine fine-tuned it. Together they created LIFT Alabama.

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